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Showing some love for the translation industry: AMPLEXOR celebrates International Translation Day

Written by Jacy Lewis on 28/09/17

We are celebrating the first-ever International Translation Day on 30 September! While this day has been celebrated by various groups within the translation industry for years, this is the first year it has been specially designated by the United Nations National Assembly to acknowledge the role translation plays in cultural diversity and recognize the importance of translation professionals in supporting that role.

International Translation Day

Translation and diversity go hand in hand as language is intricately tied to culture. Loss or misinterpretation of one’s language impacts one’s cultural identity, therefore, translation is essential to accurately representing a culture. Globalization and international cooperation have resulted in an increased need to market and describe products and services in international markets. Thus, documentation and marketing assets for these products and services must be translated to local languages and localized according to cultural norms.

Translation professionals are integral to content globalization and localization. In addition to translating content into myriad languages, they must also exhibit in-depth industry knowledge and localize content to ensure the translated material is interpreted correctly by diverse cultures around the globe. That’s quite a tall order! There is a wide range of roles in the language services industry, all of which are vital, and we appreciate each and every one of them! To celebrate the first International Translation Day, we at AMPLEXOR want to showcase some of our amazing language services colleagues and share why they love working in the translation industry.


Why I love working in the translation industry:

“I love the world of possibilities and knowledge that passes through us every single day when working in the translation industry and the constant exchange of ideas and cultures that are put to the test when you translate. It’s both a joy and a privilege to be part of this world.”

Rosa Pires, Team Leader SE, Portugal

“Working in the translation industry allows me to do what I love: be around languages and immerse myself in the sounds and syllables of the written and spoken dialects of this world. With a keen interest in literature, travel and technology, I find working in the translation industry combines so many aspects of life that tie in with my own preferences. It is also an industry that is constantly and rapidly evolving, so it is thrilling to be part of that development and sometimes even have the opportunity to influence it. Last but certainly not least, translation is fundamentally a democratizing endeavor—since it is all about bridging communicative and cultural divides.”

Andreas Ljungstrom, GCS Technologies Consultant, Berlin

“Working in the translation industry, I can contribute to transferring thoughts and habits into different languages. Translation enables us to communicate with people from other countries and cultures and creates a bridge between those speaking different languages to enable communication and create connections. Translation expands people’s horizons, makes them more tolerant and open-minded toward one another, enriches their way of thinking and enables translators to familiarize themselves with diverse cultures and become transporters of that knowledge. I find the following proverb is relevant to translations: ‘The more languages you know, the more you are a person.’”

Hajnalka (Hajni) Andras, Operations Manager of Translation Projects for International Customers, Hungary

“What I love about translation, having worked for the EU institutions for some years now, is that I somehow feel my work brings ordinary people closer to the policy-makers, breaking down potential linguistic barriers.”

Ruben Estrada, Spanish Translator, Portugal

“Working in the translation industry is exciting, challenging, high-energy, fast-paced and set in a multicultural environment where you can learn every day from people’s differences and peculiarities, yet at the same time, you are bound to find people just like you—albeit from a country thousands of miles from your own.”

Aga Cieplowska, Regional Delivery Director, Poland

“From my small corner of the world I help our clients’ brands touch all of the other corners of the world. The globe is constantly spinning, and with it, this industry. We are always learning new things!”

Laura Speltz, Client Service Manager, River Falls, Wisconsin, USA

“I thoroughly enjoy working in the translation industry as I’m assisting entrepreneurs and businesses to expand their global presence using multilingual content. It involves the satisfying element of consulting clients from all types of industries and coming up with creative solutions for their translation needs. Furthermore, liaising with linguists from around the world exposes me to various cultures, which allows me to develop my world knowledge.”

Trina Minjoot, Client Success Manager, Singapore

“Why I love working in the translation industry, is simple really. Every day I get to help our clients expand into new markets and grow their businesses. In my role I am challenged to find solutions that help our clients fix a problem that is sometimes left to the end of the process, so making their lives a little easier is something I’m happy doing. When people ask what I do for a living and I say, ‘I work in localization,’ 99 percent of the time I get a blank stare. But when I explain what localization really is they say, ’I always wondered how that happened!’”

Sean O’Grady, Manager of Global Solutions, Dublin, Ireland

“I enjoy tackling the constant challenges involved with the logistics of how we are going to accomplish things and, in my Global Solutions role, I have the opportunity to really dig in with a client on their process and learn what makes them tick. I get to meet countless people in an infinitely diverse range of industries, each having their own unique elements to consider when it comes to translation. It is in building these partnerships—and knowing that our custom-made solutions continue to have a hugely positive impact for our clients—that provides me with the biggest sense of satisfaction!”

Rory Sampair, Solutions Specialist, River Falls, Wisconsin, USA

“Language can be a barrier or an opportunity. The draw to language for me is multifaceted. I have long enjoyed being part of an industry in which we can remove barriers, be an active part of international business and help companies grow and expand. The nature of the language translation industry provides an exciting and diverse view into so many industries and companies.

One of the most intriguing areas of language for me, and one that I am passionate about, is the evolution and sometimes, revolution of technology in the industry. Greater optimization resulting from technology will likely allow content producers to translate more content. Content volumes will simply rise as efficiencies are realized. The result will be fewer language barriers and a multitude of new opportunities to seize.”

Shannon Zimmerman, EVP of Global Content Solutions, River Falls, Wisconsin, USA

We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our language services colleagues and look forward to many more years of working with them. Their commitment to our clients and our company is part of what makes AMPLEXOR a leading solutions provider in the translation industry.


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Fellow translation industry colleagues, what do YOU love about working in this wonderful world of language services?


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Jacy Lewis

Written by Jacy Lewis

Jacy Lewis is a Direct Marketing Assistant with AMPLEXOR based in Nova Scotia Canada. With over nine years’ experience she supports the marketing and sales teams with the implementation of strategic, agile marketing tactics across offline and online channels to increase brand awareness and drive sales. Jacy also supports brand and content management to develop brand strategies and marketing materials to expand the company’s digital footprint

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