Health Economics and Outcomes Research at ISPOR 2019

    This year, the theme of the ISPOR 2019 was “Rapid. Disruptive. Innovative: A New Era in HEOR.”

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    The world of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) is constantly changing, and the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) Conference aims to shine a light on that fact. 

    Discussing HEOR at ISPOR

    ISPOR is recognized globally as the leading educational and scientific organization for HEOR and its use in healthcare decisions. Attendees were able to meet professionals in the HEOR field, discuss the latest trends, and learn from the renowned experts, at ISPOR 2019 in New Orleans.

    ISPOR 2019 featured plenary sessions and more than 2,100 presentations in the form of workshops, issue panels, forums, symposia, and podium and poster presentations on innovative research methods, health policy development using outcomes research, patient preferences, real-world data, and clinical-, economic- and patient-reported outcomes.

    The ISPOR scope and sphere of influence includes the international HEOR community of global leaders, policy makers, regulators, researchers, academicians, payers, patients, and patient groups. This multi-stakeholder group is invested in using science and research to make better health care decisions. The diversity in work environments and international scope of attendance provide excellent networking opportunities and stimulating discussions and debate.

    So what did attendees get out of ISPOR?

    • Learned about different and innovative applications in the conduct and use of HEOR.
    • Engaged with recognized global experts in the field.
    • Networked with colleagues, collaborators, and clients.
    • Shared their research and ideas with other ISPOR members in an open and objective environment.
    • Stayed current on emerging trends in health care.

    Because AMPLEXOR Life Sciences is committed to helping our HEOR clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of their industry, it’s important to attend events such as this.

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