How to attract more visitors to your blog

    Attract more visitors to your blog by optimizing the user experience and creating scannable content that your visitors can quickly go through.

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    Blogs are a great way to build and maintain a loyal visitor base. If done well, blogging costs less to maintain and reaps higher ROI than any of the conventional marketing strategies that you may use to promote your business.

    However, bringing people to your blog and keeping them engaged can sometimes get tricky.

    In this short post, we will run you through some of the most important aspects of blogging.

    Craft great, helpful and inspirational content

    The absolute basis of a good blog is good content: content that is helpful and inspirational for the reader.

    Helpful content is created by taking a look at your (ideal) customers’ questions and needs and answering those. That, combined with optimizing your content for search engines, will make sure your blog is found. Regularly posting high-quality content will keep readers coming back for more.

    Optimize your content

    As said, optimizing the content of your blog is another way to help people find and read it. One big part of that optimization is SEO (search engine optimization): making sure that the search engines not only find your content but that they evaluate it as high-quality and relevant content as well.

    Search engines look into how relevant a given page is to the query of the user with the help of keywords: the actual words your visitor types in the search bar. They not only pay attention to what words occur but also to where they occur. A site with relevant keywords in the title and description has a higher chance of getting listed.

    Don’t forget, however, that engaging content comes first. A blog that adds value for its reader will rise in rankings by its popularity. SEO is there to make the process of becoming popular easier.

    Optimize your User Experience (UX)

    A site that is quick to load can greatly enhance UX. Google and other search engines use the loading time of a page as a ranking factor.

    Another tip: scroll down and take a quick bird’s eye view of your content – from a visitor’s perspective:

    • Is it generally appealing to look at?
    • Is it well spaced out and not crowded with panels, buttons and tabs?
    • Do all the titles and subtitles stand out against the background and rest of the content?
    • Is the font readable?
    • Do the images look relevant to the content and do they have an alt text?

    Conclusion – Keep it Simple

    The most important aspect of blogging is to write content that is helpful to your target audience. Be mindful about the topics you choose to write about and don’t just publish content to fill up your blog. Keep your targeted audience in mind at every step of content creation – if you’re writing for a technical audience, use technical language and show your expertise.

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