In-country reviews – Your answer to a fool-proof revision process

Your guide to mastering in-country reviews for high-quality translated content, quicker turnaround times, a cost-efficient revision process and a consistent brand message.

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You work hard to get the three program pillars of translation – cost, quality and turnaround time – balanced just right. The goal is to produce high-quality source content for translation into your target language on budget, in a timely manner and resulting in a superior deliverable for your global audience. When you send your content off for translation you also want to ensure the translated version still speaks your brand’s unique voice and, most importantly, is effective with your desired audiences – keeping in mind cultural differences. 

With faster time-to-market expectations and a higher demand for subject-matter expertise to translate content, the need for in-country review is more evident now than ever before.

Due to all of this, it’s very common for businesses to opt for an in-country review. Think of it as an added quality step performed after the traditional translate-edit-proof process.

The good news? This step can save you a lot of time and money on future translations and save you the work of having to do the same review twice. Not to mention, if you opt for a lean online process you can eliminate all those sticky notes and email overload that an offline review process would incur. However, if the review is not executed efficiently and correctly, it can put some pretty annoying snags in your translation process.

Let’s go over a few advantages to insourcing those in-country reviews and tips for doing it the right way.

Trial your globally adapted message with the intended audience

An in-country review can help you get an excellent idea of how your target audiences will respond to your translated content – before it’s even released.

Remember when Ikea airbrushed a female model out of a catalogue for its Saudi Arabian market? Or when McDonald’s unveiled a billboard in the U.S. that featured inaccurate copy in Hmong? These mistakes caused some serious backlash since the translated and localized content didn’t keep cultural differences in-mind, align well, or simply put – make sense to locals.

An in-country review can help you avoid messy situations like these. Many companies skip this step if they feel they don’t have the resources to do this internally. However, when done the right way – with the right tools – in-country review can actually save your company time, money and, in some cases, embarrassment, ensuring your intended message is well-received by your global audiences.

Maintain clear and consistent brand messaging

Using internal, qualified resources can be an effective way to ensure your translated content aligns to company messaging and style. This alone translates (pun intended) to quicker turnaround times by eliminating the back-and-forth that might occur when the reviewer requires clarification on brand style.

Outside of company and brand knowledge, internal resources have immediate access to subject matter experts for the products and services at your organization.

Boost quality with reviewer-approved style guides and glossaries

It is critical that you create a clear set of guidelines to ensure consistency across the board from your reviewers. One way to do this is by creating style guides and glossaries and utilizing translators and reviewer alike in the creation process.

This is an essential step, as it enables translators to incorporate your preferred terminology, acronyms and tone or style throughout every project. By involving your in-country reviewer in this process, you give him or her an opportunity to provide helpful input upfront, cutting down on the number of revisions later in the process when he or she receives the translated content.

Save time throughout the entire localization chain by removing middlemen

By keeping translation and review in a user-friendly and collaborative web-based environment, translators and editors can create, review, preview, comment and validate translations in real time, with on-going feedback and continuous improvements. How slick is that?

Plus, by consolidating all linguistic assets in a central database, reviewers can easily manage, access and reuse previous translations, while protecting your unique brand and corporate identity.

Eliminate tedious, offline tasks and time-consuming data handling

Do away with the hassle of emailing huge zips files back and forth and sifting through packages containing multiple different versions of source and translated content – some reviewed, some incomplete – trying to determine project status and next steps.

Fully automating in-country review as a part of your overall translation process allows for clarity in project status and the ability to track when, where and – sometimes most importantly – why, changes were made in the review step. Real-time insight and access by translators and reviewers alike will speed up the entire translation cycle, making everyone involved just plain happy.

And the cherry on top? Implementing in-country review in an online workflow means no installation and hardware needed for linguists. Everybody wins.

Build your expert in-country review team with AMPLEXOR’s ReviewExpert

Now that you know the advantages of in-country review we thought we’d share how to include in-country review successfully into your own translation program. Start by looking for a language partner with the means to support your language translation program wishes.

AMPLEXOR ReviewExpert is a web-based environment for optimized translation and review processes.
ReviewExpert benefits include:

  • Direct insertion of corrections into document and translation memory (TM)
  • Easy-to-learn editing environment
  • On-the fly preview in full layout
  • No installation and no hardware needed for linguists
  • Greatly reduces tedious file management
  • Complete segment traceability and reversibility

So, are you tired of the email overload in trying to manage your translation workflow? Attend AMPLEXOR’s free webinar 28 June, “Mastering In-Country Review – From Sticky Notes and Email Overload to a Lean Online Process.” Register now!

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