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AMPLEXOR´s Digital & Regulatory Transformation @ Momentum Barcelona

Written by Joana Vilhena on 31/10/16

We’re ready to kick off EMC Momentum in Barcelona Momentum in Barcelona today. AMPLEXOR´s team is excited to meet and spend time with customers, partners and simply curious people, discussing the currently status of the market and the opportunities ahead.

For the last 20 years AMPLEXOR Life Sciences has been helping life sciences organizations accelerate their speed to market and enter new countries quickly. With our solutions and services, we expedite the creation and delivery of consistent, compliant and high-quality global content across all of a company’s target markets.

In this sense, Momentum Summit will be a great chance for us to tell our story, share our experiences and present our vision of the future, with special focus on digital transformation.


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While almost every other industry has begun its digital transformation journey, the majority of life sciences organizations remain mired in manual processes and information silos. This is hampering their ability to exploit new markets and innovate. Thus, something needs to happen swiftly and the industry knows that.

Without a consistent, holistic approach to all forms of content, life sciences companies will never be truly agile and will never succeed in their compliance journey. They risk inaccuracy, and compromise the ability to deliver correct content quickly to where it’s needed. Content management in the life sciences industry must transcend individual initiatives such as IDMP [Identification of Medical Products] compliance. Companies need a reliable way to manage not just what’s submitted to regulators, but also what goes out on the packaging, and on their web site, and what’s distributed across digital and social media – in every region and every country.

Life Sciences organizations are currently facing these significant challenges as they align themselves with the latest regulatory reporting requirements while simultaneously racing competitors to bring out new products and enter new markets. There is so much going on for the sector right now… But I would venture to say we are already turning the page.

What we want to underline in Barcelona is that we, at AMPLEXOR, offer a lasting solution to one of the core challenges these companies are facing: managing all the content and keeping it compliant and consistent wherever it appears, and of course, ready to go as soon as it’s needed. And we go even further. AMPLEXOR is the first company in the market offering an ISO IDMP compliant pre-release of its IDMP solution, ProductExpert™. This enables organisations to meet IDMP related requirements (when they become mandatory) as a unique source of truth for product data and one time data entry.

Excited? Want to know more? Come to Palau de Congressos de Catalunya in Barcelona and visit our booth. We will be pleased to present and discuss with you how ProductExpert™ can help your company to take advantage of this challenging time.

Our comprehensive technology solutions and professional services, spanning all forms of physical and digital content, are leading us to a visionary one-stop-shop partner for life sciences companies, which gives us the confidence that we certainly have the right solution for you.

If you’re looking for the right partner to help you with digital and regulatory transformation visit us!

We’re very thrilled to welcome you at Momentum Barcelona!


ProductExpert, EMC Momentum Barcelona 2016, AMPLEXOR Life Siences Suite

Joana Vilhena

Written by Joana Vilhena

Solutions Marketing Director Compliance @AMPLEXOR

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