Managing anonymous and authenticated experiences across the customer lifecycle

    Discover how to get to know your customers and provide optimized interactions whether they are anonymous or authenticated through the customer lifecycle.

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    Every marketer knows well-managed personalization across all marketing channels and the customer lifecycle helps build long-term customer relationships and fuels business success.

    Well-managed personalization across marketing channels fuels business success

    In the pre-digital era, audience segmentation was expensive and difficult to scale. Today, technology enables marketers to segment, target and contact large numbers of consumers at lower costs and more precisely measure results.  However, even with all the technology available, getting to know your customers can be an overwhelming task. 

    When you identify your target audience and gather information about them, questions emerge: How should you manage this data? To what extent can this information be used? Should anonymous and authenticated users be treated differently, and if so, how? On which target group(s) should you focus your marketing efforts?

    The following ebook by Adobe presents best practices to consider when managing segmentation and targeting and creating personalized customer experiences. The guide provides a deep-dive into digital experiences for both anonymous and authenticated users:

    • The difference between anonymous users and unknown users
    • The continuum from anonymous to authenticated profiles
    • The benefits of well-executed personalization
    • The right technology to optimize your personalization approach
    • Real-world examples of how to combine user information

    Download ebook - Managing anonymous and authenticated experiences across the customer lifecycle


    Published on    Last updated on 01/07/2019

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