Microsoft Office 365: The starting point of your business’s digital transformation

    Discover how Microsoft Office 365 can fuel your business's digital transformation by optimizing processes and engaging team members, partners and clients.

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    Technology is transforming industries and business models by helping enterprises control increasing volumes of data and content, and by facilitating rapid collaboration and connectivity. Microsoft is at the forefront of this transformation.

    By combining cutting-edge features with familiar tools, Microsoft’s Office 365 Suite and SharePoint solutions enable businesses to become “digital enterprises” that adapt to evolving customer needs, capitalize on new business opportunities and exceed business goals.

    1. Business Anywhere

    Empower your employees to do their best work anywhere

    Office 365 is fully cloud based, so standard updates and new features are automatically integrated as they become available. For enterprises, that means no more software to install and no more servers to operate. With mobile-ready tools, users have immediate access from any device, browser or application.

    2. Grow Efficiently

    Streamline your operations and accelerate responsiveness with flexible technology and intelligent processes

    Office 365 is simple to use because it integrates with familiar tools, such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, classic Office Suite and their browser-ready alternatives.

    Additionally, Office 365 provides several secure collaboration tools that make it easy for users to share information and learn from other users.

    Furthermore, Office 365 provides a “shadow IT” environment, meaning its features can mimic and seamlessly replace existing tools, such as DropBox.

    3. Connect with colleagues and stakeholders

    Strengthen your engagement with stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees) using data to build personalized experiences and connected processes

    The ability to rapidly connect large numbers of geographically dispersed people is a core strength of Office 365. The solution connects colleagues by facilitating instant collaboration and information sharing, and keeping team members up-to-date on projects. Office 365 also provides a highly secure environment that protects connections with external stakeholders, such customers and suppliers.

    The transition to using Office 365 should be guided by a “Digital Transformation” partner with expertise in change management and user adoption. Choosing the right partner will ensure Office 365 properly engages customers, empowers employees, optimizes operations, enhances product development and hones business models.

    Published on    Last updated on 01/07/2019

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