Momentum Returns to Europe: Exciting Updates and Key Takeways

    The Momentum conference returned to Europe and we reveal the most exciting updates, key takeways, and a bold vision on the future of content management.

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    Finally, after a long 3 year hiatus, the Momentum conference returned to Europe from October 31 till November 3 2016. Momentum has always been a great opportunity to catch up on all the news that DellEMC ECD (Enterprise Content Division) has to share. But honestly, this year, with DellEMC selling ECD to OpenText, we feared it would be a sad farewell event. However, it turned out to be quite the opposite. Momentum revealed an ECD full of energy and a bold vision on the future of content management.

    Like Momentum Vegas earlier this year, the theme of the conference was “BEYOND”.

    During the opening keynote, Rohit Ghai, president of ECD, invited us on a journey of climbing the digital mountain, a metaphor for the digital transformation of our businesses, going beyond the boundaries of traditional document and content management. We are at an exciting turning point, living in the end of the era forclient-server solutions and the rise of the cloud SAAS era, going from an internet of people to an internet of things, moving away from multipurpose solutions and interfaces and going to “fit for needs” applications. It’s also the end of the era for DellEMC ECD, and the start of a new future.

    So what does that future look like according to DellEMC ECD?

    Together with 800 other attendees, we were very curious to hear all about OpenText purchasing ECD. Muhi Majzoub, Executive Vice President Engineering of OpenText took to the stage to shed a light on this matter.

    ECSBlog_MomentumPost_Img2.pngMuhi Majzoub meeting Rohit Ghai

    As expected, Mr Majzoub was not able to reveal a lot. Due to regulatory reasons, it was still too early to learn all details of the deal or the specifics of the roadmap. Still, both Mr Ghai and Mr Majzoub were very excited about the partnership between ECD and OpenText and had some interesting thoughts to share:

    • ECD is obviously very pleased to have found a partner with a common vision and strategy on Enterprise Information Management. After 13 years of ‘being the odd one out’ in EMC’s mainly hardware-focused portfolio, it will be a relief to get full support.
    • OpenText on the other hand wanted to emphasize it is not acquiring just the technology but also a bunch of talented engineers. The ECD solutions are present and the engineers are available to develop and support them.
    • Both ECD and OpenText also stress the fact that they are committed to protecting the investments of the customers and will continue supporting them.
    • Great opportunities lie ahead in combining the strengths and products of both companies: OpenText’s analytics, dashboarding, semantic search, combined with ECD products like the Documentum platform (containing the all the vertical solutions, D2, Content Server, etc.), InfoArchive and LEAP. But until the finalization of the merger, it’s business as usual.

    Throughout the many sessions, hands-on labs and hackathons, a common topic returned: “Better Together”. It is all about the three big pillars of the ECD product stack and how the ECD solutions will help your business work better together with your customers.


    Let us take you through the major announcements for each of the three pillars.

    Documentum platform stack

    • Since it is already so feature rich, the focus for Content server 7.3 platform lies on cloud first, reducing costs by supporting PostgreSQL open source database, upgradability and manageability by “Dockerizing” Documentum.



    • New versions of the LifeSciences and Energy&Engineering vertical solutions will be released, mainly built on top of D2. This emphasizes the move towards “fit for needs” vertical applications.
    • Great improvements to xCP with the 2.3 release, leveraging the java applet-free content transfer, new layout widgets and much more.

    LEAP - the content apps for the digital era

    LEAP is ECD’s innovation flagship and consists of a number of content apps and cloud-first services which will allow you to quickly develop purpose-built apps. It’s clear that ECD invests a lot in LEAP with now already four apps available:

    • Courier for exchanging documents with third parties
    • Snap for distributed capture in the cloud
    • Express for quickly accessing, reviewing and approving your content, whereever it lives
    • Focus for an unparalleled reading experience of your documents on mobile devices.

    Even more exciting was the announcement that the LEAP platform will be made available to developers soon, enabling them to build custom LEAP applications. The ‘Better together’ theme re-emerged with example use cases of combining LEAP with Documentum and InfoArchive such as using Snap to directly push paper documents brand offices into Documentum for futher processing or into InfoArchive for archiving.

    InfoArchive - the unified enterprise archiving platform

    ECSBlog_MomentumPost_Img6.pngAnother true asset for ECD is InfoArchive. Lots of companies spend 70% of their IT budget on keeping application alive and only 30% on innovation. In a time where digital transformation is key, this can obviously be a potential business killer. InfoArchive can reduce the ‘keep the lights on’ budget by enabling application decommissioning and a combination of data and document archiving. InfoArchive’s newest release has a redesigned architecture allowing for extreme scale, offering user-friendly role-based interfaces with a focus on specific verticals such as clinical archiving. 

    AMPLEXOR and customers featured at Momentum

    ECSBlog_MomentumPost_Img7.jpgAMPLEXOR was very happy to contribute to the success of Momentum Barcelona 2016 as a premium sponsor and partner with a great booth and several partner and customer presentations. Four of our customers - the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, DSM, KLM and the Council of Europe – also shared their own success stories with Documentum and AMPLEXOR in industry roundtables moderated by Dell EMC experts.





    After this Momentum conference we felt confident about a future together with DellEMC ECD. We’d love to hear your comments and feedback!

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