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    Microsoft Inspire 2019 is here and we couldn’t be more excited! Find out what we learned during the first day and what exciting things to expect.

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    Microsoft Inspire has officially kicked off and by the end of day 1 we are already astounded by the thought-provoking sessions and food-for-thought.

    First impression: the venue is huge! Luckily, we all got a GPS to get around our chosen sessions and ensure we don’t get lost. This also gave us the chance to run into some of our amazing partners like Valo, Adobe and OpenText, and network with attendees from all around the world.



    If I had to choose a buzzword for this first day, it would be, hands down, Teams. Microsoft Teams is the future, and the people at Inspire know it. Since the beginning of this year almost 100 features have been added to it and it’s not stopping now! And with great updates, comes great demand – over 200.000 users are expected to move from Skype to Teams, joining their count of 13 million daily active users.

    Another key takeaway, and competing word of the day, would be User Adoption. “Start with a journey, not a master move” was the motto, as businesses worldwide are becoming more and more aware of the relevance of user adoption and organization culture to the success of technology. Just like its partners and customers, Microsoft has user adoption and governance on the agenda.

    Also on this topic, Sandy Walker started the morning talking about how adoption and change management services for Teams can increase customer lifetime and grow new revenue streams.

    One of the biggest moments of the day was the first Core Session. Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President Microsoft One Commercial Partner Team, opened the session, discussing the importance of building a strong relationship with partners and listening to them.



    On this note, she introduced Simon Sinek, the first featured speaker for Inspire 2019. Simon gave an inspiring and compelling speech on leadership - “The Infinite Game”. He discussed the expression “winning business” and how it is impossible to be number one in a game that has no finish line.



    At last, artificial intelligence (AI) is still one of the biggest trends, being discussed as a way of enriching human performance and crucial to the ways people engage with technology. It is a big trend on the floor, all over the booths we visited.

    That’s a wrap on the first day of MSInpire! But it’s not over yet, three more days of being inspired are still ahead of us.

    For the second day of MSInspire we’re looking forward to hear all about the Microsoft Data Estate, the new Cloud Solution Provider experience and all the other exciting news Microsoft will present us with.

    Stay tuned for tomorrow's recap and check out our Instagram for live footage from MSInspire!

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