#MSInspire: the start of a new digital decade

    The excitement keeps growing at MSInspire with the futuristic visions of Satya Nadella and Julia White for AI in collaboration, translation and UX.

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    There is no way around day 3 of MSInspire that doesn’t end up with the biggest session of the day, Satya Nadella’s corenote. “Microsoft Inspire + Microsoft Ready” started the morning of the third day, and, as always, the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corporation didn’t disappoint.  

    He challenged the audience with the question  “How do we empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more?”. The answer? “100 to 17 to 7. From 100,000 employees to 17 million partners, we can make an impact on the 7 billion people on the planet.” 




    Turning the focus again to collaboration, Satya discussed how services like Azure and Teams, allow us to do more in an easier way, and open the door for a more collaborative experience by empowering teamwork.  

    He also shared some insights on the biggest wins from Microsoft services like Dynamics 365 and PowerApps, and how they have evolved. 

    But the word of the day would have to be Artificial Intelligence (AI). Corporate Vice President, Julia White, did an impressive demonstration of Azure AI technologies and neural text-to-speech with HoloLens. The futuristic speech was supported by her own hologram replica, with real-time translation and mimicking her voice to Japanese 





    The holographic version of Microsoft’s CVP was a success with the audience, and it certainly got everyone even more curious about mixed reality technologies. While holograms of people have been done before, the voice personalization has taken the VR/AR experience to a whole new dimension.  

    We can’t deny that we are ecstatic for what the future of AI holds! Especially considering its impact on our own content solutions offering across customer experience, content management and translation & localization domains.  

    Brad Smith, President of Microsoft Corporation, took the stage to share his thoughts on trust and the digital decade we are now entering. He discussed how privacy is not just a fundamental right but it is also key for business, keeping in mind that the Cybersecurity Tech Accord that had started with 34 companies now is made up of 106.  



    With only one more day of MSInspire, we can’t wait to see what Microsoft has prepared for us. We are looking forward to discover more on security management with MS365. 

    Stay tuned for tomorrow's recap and check out our Instagram for live footage from MSInspire! 

    Published on    Last updated on 16/08/2019

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