#MSInspire: we achieved more

    Leaving MSInspire 2019 feeling inspired to achieve more and co-create value and innovation with Microsoft through strategic partnerships, collaboration and technology like AI.

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    Microsoft Inspire 2019  is over – and we're already counting the days for next year! As we say our goodbyes to this exciting week in Vegas, there’s one word that keeps coming back to our mind: partnership.

    During these four days of innovation and cutting-edge technology, there was a continuous focus on the human component of collaboration and partnership.  Using Microsoft’s own words “partners make more possible” - you can only achieve strong, joint execution if you combine a compelling market offer with a strong partnership.

    Microsoft Partners make more possible

    This year, the co-location of Microsoft Inspire + Microsoft Ready provided an even bigger opportunity to grow our network and build impactful relationships with attendees. And when Microsoft Partners come together to forge meaningful connections, doors open to a world of potential new business.

    Partnerships are critical to expanding business capabilities and opening up new channels and markets. As a Microsoft Partner, we (Amplexor) are always ahead of the wave, focusing our solutions on Teams, Data and AI, as well as collaborative business applications. This is what truly makes the difference for our customers.

    Kevin DeWilde, Amplexor's Manager of Strategic Account, and Fien Keijzer, Microsoft's Partner Manager

    Pictured is Kevin DeWilde, Amplexor's Manager of Strategic Account, and Fien Keijzer, Microsoft's Partner Manager

    Engage customers. Optimize operations. Empower employees.

    Collaboration = Teams and Azure.

    In a time where technology better serves customers and employees, we´re witnessing the expansion from traditional networking, voice and hosting, to include cross-region instant digital collaboration, cloud capabilities on Azure (which saw a 100 percent growth in consumption), Voice and eventually AI.

    Microsoft Partners, like us, will be able to focus on security, Azure migration, Teams collaboration and PowerApps, among other areas, during the following year.

    The problem? Everybody wants to invest in technology, but it´s not that simple. In such a specific market, the only way to stand out is by bringing the best innovation, having tech intensity and by driving usage. And that’s exactly what we do and will continue to do.

    Reaching new heights with Microsoft, together

    During MSInspire, Microsoft shared our joint market success, and the same mindset for our partnership to co-create value and innovation in all aspects. From relationships and digital transformation to opportunities and speed, that go deeper, richer and more interesting than ever before.

    Microsoft outlined where they see the market opportunity and room for partner capacity. Some big steps for the future of our partnership will happen as we coexist in their hyper-growth stage. We are in for the challenge, because nothing good ever comes easy.

    These changes are exciting as it creates more value for everyone, especially customers that already envision a modern workplace. To say we are excited for the future of our partnership with Microsoft, would be an understatement.

    The future with an Amplexor & Microsoft partnership

    We stand in Microsoft’s mission with them to "empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”

    And to stimulate creativity through collaboration, anywhere at any time to bring out the best in people. Being connected to data and with the help of AI, people and businesses become smarter.

    We invite you to experience how Microsoft enables collaboration and co-creation.

    Imagine what we could achieve together because together we can achieve more.

    So, we ask you: are you ready to be inspired or inspired to be ready? The choice is yours, but we can help. Let’s chat.

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    Until next year MSInspire! 👋✌️


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