#MSInspire: we need to go faster

    Day two of Microsoft Inspire is over and it’s time for our recap! Discover our word of the day, the key takeaways and what we are excited for tomorrow.

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    The second day of Microsoft Inspire 2019 has come to an end! And just like the first day, we were astounded by so many amazing ideas.



    Like yesterday, Teams was a big focus of the day’s sessions. But with so many important topics, we don’t need to repeat ourselves.

    All the sessions Microsoft presented us with focused on the need to always have collaboration in mind, as it drives employee engagement and more efficient teamwork. Therefore, we would have to pick Teamwork as the word of the day.

    Microsoft Power Platform was one of the focuses of the morning, with the motto “We need to go faster”. This platform,  made up of Power BI, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow, gives you the ability to build business solutions, by creating no code custom apps, automated workflows and analysing data.

    One of the key takeaways was internal communication, and we got to see a demo of how SharePoint, Teams and Yammer, are game changers in driving high-value employee engagement across organizational scenarios.

    In turn, this proves to be valuable by improving employee collaboration and retention, satisfied customers and higher profitability.

    We finished the day with the Director of Product Marketing at Microsoft, Dan Holme, and General Manager of Office 365 at Microsoft, Seth Patton, in an insightful discussion on content collaboration for better and more efficient teamwork.

    They demonstrated how Microsoft 365 services and experiences are changing content collaboration. With big global teams, comes the need to have everyone on the same page, and SharePoint, OneDrive, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow, are of big help by providing file collaboration and streamlined workflow.

    And that’s it for day two! The third day of MSInspire is almost starting and we are excited to learn more about AI updates, the new MS service, Azure Lighthouse, and to connect with other Microsoft partners. And, of course, the One Celebration!

    With two more days of inspiration still ahead , you can catch our updates on Instagram. Don’t forget to check back with us tomorrow, for our daily recap of Microsoft Inspire 2019!

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