myInsight 7.0: functionality, performance and user experience

AMPLEXOR myInsight has gained a new release (v7.0), featuring usability improvements and enhanced performance.

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For the past years myInsight has been making history transforming Documentum stored data into meaningful business insights and reports. In close cooperation with OpentText, we’ve been continuously committed to our community of users and clients to ensure the most efficient, reliable and premium content management experience
After last version’s developments on the multilingual environment - with the introduction of Arabic language and right-to-left sentence structure – the now announced myInsight 7.0 boasts new improvements on the usability and performance side. Check what’s new in myInsight v7.0:

1. Full compatibility with Documentum 16.4

Integrated in all common Documentum interfaces, such as D2, xCP, Webtop and Documentum Administrator, myInsight v7.0 is fully compatible with the latest version of Documentum (16.4) launched last Spring, as well as with all Documentum versions supported by OpenText.

2. Optimized server management

A major improvement in this version is the possibility to use a separate server to generate myInsight reports. Instead of the Documentum content server generating all the reports, a separate server can be designated, which will vastly improve the performance. The result - quicker server response time which means faster access to information. This came as request from several of our clients, who now have full autonomy to manage their myInsight related infrastructure.

3. Avoid temporary report storage

In addition, this separate server configuration makes it possible to view a report without saving it in your repository. You can access reports instantly and act on the information they provide, choose to only store the ones you need to access on a regular basis, eliminating the need to trace and clean up multiple temporary files of reports you only had to view once.

4. Advanced filter options

Another area of improvement concerns choice lists. When opening a report, end users can use a choice list to select variables that determine what should be displayed in the report. With this new release, it’s now possible to populate this list with a huge amount of data, without delaying report generation time. The list can be filtered and auto-complete suggestions are provided. This new feature cuts down the loading time for long lists, as you don’t need to load the full set of data.

5. Usability upgrades

myInsight v7.0 introduces a series of user experience enhancements. A safe and simple login with one-click authentication is now available, it’s no longer needed to use the mouse pointer to click the button. The reports interface as well as the results screen now automatically resizes to full screen, for better readability on any device. Excel reports can now contain hyperlinks to documents in the user’s Documentum environment.

For a full list of improvements and bug fixes, please read our release notes. myInsight 7.0 can be downloaded via our website, and our friendly support team is always willing to guide you. You can also download myInsight mobile for iOS and Android, start the demo app for a first look on how it works, or connect to your own Documentum repository.

Any other comments or questions? Let us know what you think through the comments below!

Published on    Last updated on 26/09/2019

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Karlijn Oosterbaan is Product Manager of myInsight and Business Consultant at Amplexor, based in The Netherlands. With an extensive background in ECM consultancy, she joined Amplexor in 2013 and is now responsible for product strategy, planning and tactical execution for myInsight, Amplexor’s certified add-on for Documentum. Karlijn is passionate about exploring new ways to drive innovation and easy-to-use solutions for our clients across industries.