OpenText Appworks: Cloud ready for the agile developer

    OpenText has just released a new update for the low-code platform AppWorks. What can you expect from it?

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    The OpenText low-code platform, Appworks, just got a brand-new revamp, bringing new updates to three different aspects of this platform. Let’s find out which ones!

    The Cloud

    AppWorks is now cloud ready, bringing developers an agile way of working for rapid time to market solutions!

    You can choose the classic mode of the installation or container mode. The difference? Container mode is much smaller in the initial download size and will download the related software during the installation. What!? So, it’s all prepared with docker-compose files that drag in the images automagically. What can you benefit from this upgrade? With the new cloud platform you can expect:

    • Scripted deployment with Docker containers
    • Kubernetes for scaling
    • Optimize your resources
    • Simplify configurations
    • Automatic deployments

    We’ll get application specific images (like PostgreSQL and OTDS) that can be configured in YAML files. Default settings are provided, but these can be overruled. The YAML files can be part of you source control, which is also a big benefit.

    The agile developer

    With these new features and benefits, we gained a new, more agile way of working:

    1. Develop the solution
    2. Build a CAP file
    3. Add the CAP to the build folder
    4. Build a new container from scratch with your solution!

    This new docker container will be handed over to the operations people, like administrators, that can update the environment specific settings. They’ll also update the Docker compose files so they can run on Docker/Kubernetes - another nice-to-have!

    This new working way makes the whole process very compliant and repeatable. With Kubernetes, we even get high availability support on top of the docker container structure.

    opentext-application-architectureApplication architecture: AppWorks docker containers work together seamlessly (that’s Kubernetes!)

    A new era for application updates

    Patching and updating? It’s all the same, build the image and deploy. So you can create new Docker images with a solution in it, but you can also create Docker images that a directly patched or upgraded.

    Also, with an application update. We’re in a new era for delivering software, solution, patches and upgrades !

     When you’re upgrading from classical AppWorks to the cloud version, you should only move what you want to container. The database can remain and even Open LDAP can remain, but you need to validate applications and recreate the Document Store to make a backup of your settings!

    • With the cloud update, we can even run AppWorks in hyper scaled cloud providers such as OpenText cloud platform, Google cloud platform, Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) andAmazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS).

    For more on the new “agile developer” way of working, check our previous post where we gave an update on the new 20.2 Cloud Edition (CE) release of OpenText Content Suite.

    Last but not least, here’s a summary of the 20.2 AppWorks cloud release, as well as what the future innovation roadmap for the platform looks like:

    opentext-roadmap-updateRoadmap update for OpenText AppWorks

    For other installments, thoughts, tricks and ideas on AppWorks go to

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    Antal Bos is Senior Technical Consultant at Amplexor, based in The Netherlands. With more than 15 years of experience working with Documentum and OpenText technologies, he focuses on guiding customers and ECM teams through ‘sustainable information management’. Antal is a Professional Scrum Developer/Master and holds several technical certifications by OpenText and Dell EMC.