Our readers’ choice: Digital Experience Top 10 blog posts of 2018

As we say farewell to 2018, we take the opportunity to thank our blog readers and subscribers with a handy top 10 of the year’s most popular posts about Digital Experience and Collaboration.

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2018 really brought out a bag full of stellar blog posts, and there’s no better opportunity to shake off that reading rust than with the start of a new year. But with twelve months of blogging to catch up on, it can be hard to stay the course. This is where our top 10 most popular posts can really be put to good use. It’s the season of giving after all!

No matter what kind of topic you’re most interested in, you’ll find something you may have missed during the year. So, take your time and enjoy the read – we’re sure it’s one to bookmark!

1. 5 reasons why we like Documentum document management

#Documentum #Content Management

What to like in Documentum? The first reason for loving Documentum is its flexibility in user interfaces, but the platform’s strengths don’t end there!

2. 11 new ways to wow users with your SharePoint Intranet

#Intranet #Digital Workplace #SharePoint #Office365

The new features added to SharePoint this year make the platform better than ever for great intranets. Check the updated features-set.

3. Tips and tools to import and export content in AEM

#Adobe #CMS #Content Management #Web Development

Managing multilingual or multi-sites in Adobe Experience Manager? Find what tools are available for authors, editors and content managers.

4. Office 365 Products and Services Explained

#Collaboration #Digital Workplace #Office365 #SharePoint

Explore the Office 365 products, their interactions, and how value is added through additional services such as My Analytics, Graph and Groups.

5. Best practices for Adobe Experience Manager website projects

#Digital Strategy #Adobe #Project Management

With such a fully-featured enterprise web content management system, these are the key success factors for website development in AEM 6.3.

6. 6 common challenges in Enterprise Content Management

#Content Management #Digital Transformation

How much of your organization’s information is effectively managed? What’s slowing down communication or collaboration?

7. Top marketing reasons why we love Adobe Experience Manager

#Adobe #CMS #Content Management #Digital Marketing

Find out why your marketing team will love Adobe Experience Manager. Our top reasons include content personalization tools, integration with digital marketing platforms, and more!

8. 10 tips to manage a multilingual website in Drupal 8

#Drupal #CMS

Building a multilingual website or taking your Drupal site into new languages? Check our website localization strategy tips before you start.

9. Unlocking the value of SharePoint and O365 for your intranet solution

#Intranet #SharePoint #Office365

A pros and cons comparison of SharePoint publishing and communication sites, custom-built intranet platforms and intranet-in-a-box solutions.

10. Drupal 8.6 new features are in

#Drupal #CMS

Following our reflection on the past and present of Drupal last Summer, the CMS’s latest version pleases both developers and marketers.


What did you think? Which of these did you find most interesting or useful? Please share your thoughts below. If you enjoyed our blog roundup, don’t forget to sign up for updates directly to your inbox. Stick with us in 2019 – the best is yet to come!

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