Forging a Path Towards an Enterprise-grade, Neural Machine Translation Solution - for Life Sciences and more

Advances in artificial intelligences (AI) is a hot topic within the Amplexor Life Sciences team and one that has been at the heart of our Content Intelligence (CI) portfolio for many years.

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Amplexor places great focus on adapting to the changing needs of our customers. We endeavor to use the latest technologies that allow those customers to do things smarter, more efficiently and more effectively.

That’s true for our life sciences division and it also applies to the company as a whole.

Advances in Artificial intelligence (AI), especially in neural network technology that we’ve been witnessing to in this decade, are making it possible to apply machine learning in the life sciences industry. That certainly makes AI a hot topic within our life sciences team, and one that has been at the heart of our Content Intelligence (CI) portfolio for many years. 

In 2017, Amplexor established a dedicated AI/CI competence center in Madrid to develop new and smarter solutions, and as far back as 2010, we have worked with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), on a ‘tribrid’ translation engine R&D project, named taraXÜ.


Neural Machine Translation (NMT)- the future for translation services

The potential for AI to transform aspects of life sciences is almost limitless, from accelerating scientific breakthrough, and spotting previously elusive patterns in unwieldy global data masses, to enabling greater drug personalization.

Yet, its translation services that we are most excited about right now, and it’s another AI-based collaboration with DFKI that we think will have an enormous impact on the market. The next phase of Amplexor’s AI program is to develop an enterprise-grade, neural machine translation solution.

Many feel that NMT is a promising translation technology. It can, in theory generate advanced, human-like translations that are quicker and more accurate than standard, statistical machine translation. But NMT still has a long to go to be fit for purpose for true enterprise use.

We aim to deliver enterprise-grade NMT in our translation workflows that address security, scalability and mission-critical content for demanding operational contexts and use cases.


Life Sciences and NMT

Such a solution is a natural next step for Amplexor in its deployment of AI and represents a real opportunity for our customers in multiple sectors and applications to benefit from the efficiency and effectiveness of such an approach.

We’ll be starting off by targeting life sciences, and particularly the medical device market, a sector that requires absolute accuracy and high precision, and where translation errors could lead to regulatory liabilities.

We are confident our solution will be a perfect fit for life sciences, but in reality, there are many sectors and markets where such an approach to NMT in translation workflows could make a real difference. The enterprise-grade capability will be a key differentiator in our approach and has the potential to transform the way companies approach translations. 


The Ideal Partner

We are very excited about extending our collaboration with DFKI on this project. The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence/Deutsches Forschungsinstitut für Künstliche Intelligenz was founded in 1988 and in the field of innovative commercial software technology using AI, is one of the largest centers of excellence in the world.

That’s why it is the ideal partner for our enterprise-grade, NMT solution. As an organization, we are committed to AI and the possibilities it opens for delivering smarter solutions, and DFKI is a seasoned and acknowledged expert in the field.

For further information on our life sciences division, please visit here, and for updates on the collaboration with DFKI, watch this space – we’ll be sharing updates as and when we are ready.


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Published on    Last updated on 17/09/2019

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Elvis Paćelat is Vice President Compliance Management at Amplexor Life Sciences. Elvis is a business and technology executive with more than two decades of international experience in the Life Sciences market. With detailed technical understanding and expertise in compliance and regulatory content management solutions for Life Sciences, Elvis is a specialist in business impact analysis. As AMPLEXOR’s VP Compliance Management, he is responsible for driving the corporate strategy and market success of the AMPLEXOR Life Sciences’ suite business. Elvis is committed to delivering benefit for clients, partners and shareholders, whilst supporting client-centric strategies and spearheading groundbreaking innovations.