Regulatory Information Management at the Forefront of the RAPS Regulatory Conference

    Recently, AMPLEXOR Life Sciences was pleased to attend the inaugural RAPS Regulatory Conference in Europe.

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    The inaugural RAPS Regulatory Conference - Europe 2019 brought together leading experts in the medical device, IVD and pharmaceutical industries to examine and provide insight on some of the most urgent and crucial issues facing regulators, manufacturers and regulatory professionals working with regulatory information and submission management for healthcare products for the European market.

    AMPLEXOR Life Sciences was pleased to attend this conference in its first year to help spread our message of end-to-end integral regulatory information management solutions and language services.

    A Focus on Regulatory Information Management

    This conference is 100% regulatory focused, developed to help increase regulatory capacity, knowledge and competency in Europe. By driving regulatory excellence and connecting the global regulatory community, RAPS help support a thriving healthcare products sector and the advancement of public health. Attending the 2019 RAPS Regulatory Conference – Europe, you will walk away with a stronger professional network, actionable insights and strategies for success when it comes to regulatory information management.

    With so many global regulation changes, staying informed is a challenge. Those who attended the RAPS Regulatory hopefully learned all they needed to know about the current state of regulatory information management and submissions management.

    Published on    Last updated on 20/09/2019

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