Regulatory Submissions Discussed at DIA Europe Conference

    The DIA Europe Conference is a chance for AMPLEXOR Life Sciences to mingle with regulatory submissions and pharma professionals from all across Europe, making it a great opportunity.

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    In February 2019, the AMPLEXOR Life Sciences team attended the DIA Europe conference held in Vienna, Austria. For three days, regulatory submissions delegates were able to network not only with one another, but with vendors as well. The DIA Europe event is important to attend because this is “a good opportunity to ask questions and to get intelligence which you would never get directly,” says Romuald Braun, Vice President of Strategy at AMPLEXOR Life Sciences, who presented, “Turn Compliance into Value – Decrease Complexity, Increase Compliance and Reduce Total Costs of Ownership.”

    Braun’s seven-minute presentation was well-received as he touched on points related to a more integral approach to regulatory submissions. During his presentation, he described how this more integral approach can “help people avoid data redundancy and content redundancy,” as well as cut down on the number of errors caused by manual work. “Humans are the weakest part of the chain,” he says, “because we make mistakes.” He also went on to say, “automation and structuring can help to avoid mistakes, and people do make mistakes. It’s normal.” He described this by presenting a use case of an AMPLEXOR Life Sciences customer.

    According to Braun, DIA Europe is the “biggest DIA event in Europe,” and the second largest in the world. The value in an event of this size lies in the generation of leads and new business, but Braun believes it goes beyond that. “It’s visibility, it’s image building,” he says. It’s a good opportunity for a company that helps with regulatory submissions, as  AMPLEXOR Life Sciences does, to continue to build brand recognition and network with those who may have needs in the future.

    As the biggest regulatory submissions event in Europe, this is definitely an event AMPLEXOR Life Sciences would continue to attend in the future, according to Braun. In a world where pharma professionals are continuing to look for new and innovative technology and ways to improve the pharmaceutical industry, thereby helping to improve the lives of the individuals they serve, AMPLEXOR Life Sciences is ready to help bridge the gaps.

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