Structured content recap from Jan Benedictus at #BTE2019

    AMPLEXOR Life Sciences’ event ‘Be The Expert’ brought together experts from around the world to provide knowledge on how to maintain and improve compliance throughout the product lifecycle, given the evolving regulatory requirements for medicinal products and medical devices.

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    "During ‘Be The Expert 2019’ we had the pleasure to bring together leading subject matter experts and industry professionals from all around the world into one forum to discuss and exchange strategies that combat challenges in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

    One of those experts was Jan Benedictus, MSc, the CEO of FONTO Group. With a background within and outside the pharmaceutical industry, he presented his views on the potential of structured content authoring for the Life Sciences industry. This is his recap about what he had to say about structured content authoring for Life Sciences at BTE.

    Structured content: Life Sciences vs. other industries

    “During the 2019 AMPLEXOR ‘Be The Expert’ meeting, we had the pleasure to present our views on the potential of structured content authoring for the Life Sciences industry.

    We did so by comparing the adoption of ‘structured content’ in Life Sciences with the state of adoption in other industries. We notably compared Life Sciences with the following ‘leading’ industries: Media and Publishing, Manufacturing, Aviation, Hardware, and Software.

    Structured content has had attention in Life Sciences for quite a while. Understandable, because the submission processes for medicine tick many boxes for structured content… Continue Reading


    Published on    Last updated on 11/06/2019

    #Regulatory Information Management (RIM), #Life Sciences, #Medical Devices

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