Taking learning experience to new heights: BARBRI’s success story

    BARBRI’s legal education offering had expanded, but their CMS had slowly become incompatible to the current demands. Explore how their new learning content management system (LCMS) is helping the company maintain high quality training materials and deliver an engaging learning experience.

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    The BARBRI group is a multinational organization originating from the United States that supports law students, attorneys and other professionals with specialized training. Operating since 1967, BARBRI was the creator of the first BAR prep course, which has already helped more than 1.3 million lawyers around the world pass a U.S. bar exam.


    At BARBRI, the content is an ever-changing product which goes through a complex lifecycle and needs to be managed efficiently. With more than 50 years of history and dealing with a booming user base scattered across the globe, their portfolio has been naturally evolving. On one hand, they have been extending the subjects to areas such as financial crime prevention, eDiscovery and cyber literacy. On the other hand, they’ve invested in innovative formats, such as videos, online training sessions and multichannel courses, which would adjust better to the different profiles and needs of their audiences.

    In due time, they realized the traditional processes for creating and publishing training materials were no longer conforming to their present-day requirements. They wanted to maximize their ability to innovate but their legacy system posed as a challenge. With content being at the core of all their activities, an agile learning management system which is dynamic, transparent and also complies with the high standards set was the need of the hour.

    BARBRI had already chosen Componize, an Alfresco-based Component Content Management System (CCMS), as their preferred technology. But they need to ensure their entire content was properly preserved. The transition to the new learning management system had to run smoothly without any obstruction to their training schedules and with 24/7 availability of the platform.


    Amplexor was the first choice when it came to select the right partner to implement the new learning management system (LCMS) for BARBRI. Not only have we been directly recommended by Componize, but with our impeccable track record of successful Alfresco and Componize projects, along with global expertise in information management we were considered best for this collaboration. Taking into account the specificities of BARBRI’s unique business and market position, we were able to design and implement a customized learning management system that met all their unique requirements and led to up to 75% savings on content customization and proofreading.

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