The AWEsome AR and VR experience in Munich

    Recap this year's edition of AWE, the world’s largest and longest running AR & VR conference and discover where all the euphoria from is coming from.

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    AWE, the world’s largest and longest running AR & VR conference and expo was subtitled with Superpowers to Change the World. The review comments on Facebook were indeed euphoric from absolutely fabulous to AWEsome with 36 ratings and 4.6 out of 5 stars. Infact, the number of exhibitors just doubled from 46 last year in Berlin to 86 this month in Munich.

    The hype is due to the recognizable trend from Virtual to Augmented or even mixed Reality. Apple released its ARKit and supports machine learning and Google’s ARCore supports Android, Unity and also Unreal. From a business perspective, Augmented Reality offers a great opportunity to improve relationships with customers - a step further than Virtual Reality. The additional benefit of AR was awe-inspiringly exhibited by Ryan Pamplin from Meta presenting the Meta 2 Glasses live demo on stage.



    Kerim Ispir, Managing Director of RE'FLEKT, described remote support as the most recent business use case of AR. Real-time video support with Augmented Reality would be a key to connect technicians to dedicated support experts. RE’FLEKT adds live service to its platform that replaces training manuals with AR. And this trend is also supported by other major AR vendors, like Vuforia Chalk for troubleshooting, Upskill Skylight for field services and XMReality Remote Guidance.

    AMPLEXOR was present at the expo as the largest service provider of Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions through our comprehensive content expertise. Recent projects on maintenance & repair, product marketing and teleservice and a roadmap AR for Technical Documentation and Support were displayed. This roadmap represents the most recent milestones of our successful AR projects. We provide full development of AR & VR solutions as a service from concept development to delivery. Our partnership with AR & VR software market leader RE‘FLEKT enables us to support multiple platform release management and app release scalability for a broad range of product variants for documentation and support by build process automatization.

    I personally feel that the talk and demo on 3D reconstruction and semantic scene understanding with the support of Google Tango by Jürgen Sturm, Senior Software Engineer at Google was the most impressive.



    Tango brings motion sensing and environment capture to mobile devices and has got new features for motion tracking, depth perception and area learning. The live demo showed how multiple mobile devices, like the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro or the Asus Zenfone AR, can develop complex 3D models easily and collaboratively.

    All of the AWE Europe sessions including the main stage keynotes will be live on the AWE YouTube channel soon.

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