Eight things to look forward to in 2021

After the turmoil, 2021 is a year of hope. Still skeptical? Read on and find at least 8 good things 2021 will bring! You and your business should be prepared …


While we unfortunately can’t switch back as fast as our lives changed last year, the reasons for optimism are real. Let us explain what we think are the eight positive highlights that will influence your business and your life in 2021 – for good:

1. Optimism on the rise with new vaccinations

Never before have vaccinations made their way to the people as fast as now, when the whole world strikes back against a pandemic. And it’s the first time that not only classic vector and protein subunit vaccines are being used, but also mRNA vaccines, working with nucleic acids. They present an extreme challenge in terms of regulatory approval, showcasing how crucial it is to have a perfect regulatory information management (RIM) in place: It helps saving lives and gives hope to all of us, as we’re thrilled to regain freedom and a social life, full of hugs and cultural events.

2. Digital workplaces don’t need an office

Still remember those times with a daily commute to and from the office? You won’t need to experience that again, at least not on a regular basis. Digital workplaces have become a standard in no time. Microsoft Teams, first and foremost, has established itself as the platform per se that connects digital workplaces; in the nearest future, it will enhance the experience with features such as automated metadata extraction, topic detection and integration of external knowledge. Practically any content can be handled on Teams very soon, just like any task and interaction – which makes physical offices almost obsolete.


This frees budget for global organizations – to be invested in modern infrastructure, data security, advanced collaboration software … and in support of the employees’ physical and mental health.

3. Colleagues become friends across the globe

In the beginning, working from home – or basically: from anywhere in the world – seemed to deprive us from human touch. But as technology evolves, and as companies have now become much more open to make use of it, we’ll experience the mere opposite! Solutions such as the leading intranet platform Valo, easy to implement and adapt, manage to make the intranet a virtual meeting point that connects colleagues around the globe. Not only does it integrate Teams and Sharepoint, making it easy to share knowledge and documents on a multilingual basis – it makes it fun to talk about anything, from the yummiest coffee tips to keep everybody going, to the best Netflix series to chill out with.

4. Content becomes a smart part of the team

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) have paved the way – 2021 will be the breakthrough for applications that combine both techniques, for a whole new level of efficiency. Content will become your secretary, so to speak: Intelligent capture, automated tagging, classification, enrichment and text summarization, data and information extraction, text generation, conversational interaction … believe it or not: all of this becomes automatable, to a stunning degree. We as humans just have to remain smarter than our tools – to structure all processes correctly.

5. Machine translation finds its place

The days of choosing between quality (human translation) and more affordability (Machine translation, MT) are coming to an end. With AI and Translation Memory (TM) in place, MT can now be integrated in different types of solutions to accelerate, automate and improve the quality of content creation and production. Depending on the purpose of the translation/ localization, MT can even take over the biggest chunk of the process, in some cases – with human experts refining the result in the end. This makes translation and localization affordable for many more purposes and organizations.


  1. 6. Creativity makes productivity more human

Productivity has been a number one goal for companies around the world since industrialization – which in its beginnings showed its most unhuman side. But as awareness has risen that human connections are literally essential for us, personalization made its way to the top of companies’ priority lists.

This year will accelerate the next logical step: Creativity tools will engage more personal strengths of the employees and present new opportunities to be seen and heard. As more and more repetitive and routine work is being taken over by AI, people can concentrate on tasks that are essentially human – in other words: creative.

Adobe, the leading company for creators’ software, and our partner, sees the market divided into two types of personas: content-first creators and collaboration-first creators; the first group starting with an existing asset that they can deconstruct and remix, and the latter starting with an exchange of ideas within a team. Organizations can look forward to a whole ecosystem of new apps this year, empowering employees to become creators.

7. E-Commerce opens up new opportunities

E-Commerce equips itself to fly even higher, after the record year pushed by the pandemic. People have become much more sophisticated with their expectations in terms of customer experience, and tools to make the online experience even better keep surging. Looking at a highly versatile personalizable e-commerce platform like Adobe’s Magento, powerfully pushed by their AI technology, Adobe Sensei, there seems no limit in sight – from the implementation of AI generated product recommendations, to shopper behavior analysis.

8. Business thrives – but only with a purpose

A new generation of consumers have entered the marketplaces, and they’re creating a new reality: one in which business is not only profit driven, but, more than anything, purpose driven. The past year had forced, but also inspired people to make “back to basics” their reality – and gave them more distraction free time on their hands, to reflect on what really matters in live. Local businesses that reached out via Social Media and provided an unusual authenticity, presented the opportunity to shop for a cause. These experiences were only the starting point for consumers, to question social and environmental relevance of organizations. This may be an uncomfortable dialog for some companies, but it also gives opportunities to stand out – and it can make the world a better place.

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About the author

Kathleen O’Brien is Director of Business Development with Amplexor Life Sciences and a 15-year veteran of the translation industry. Kathleen has a background in linguistics and has held various roles in the translation business: vendor, project and account management, as well as new business development, giving her a unique perspective into both translation operations and how translation impacts the globalization needs of her clients in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. She proactively collaborates with her life sciences client partners on a daily basis to help them set their localization strategies.