Webinar Recap: IDMP Compliance and Regulatory Information Management

    In the pharmaceutical industry, compliance is key. In this exclusive free webinar, learn how IDMP compliance can impact your business.

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    In February, AMPLEXOR Life Sciences hosted a webinar entitled, “IDMP Compliance and Regulatory Information Management.” The purpose of this webinar was to inform attendees about “delivering better efficiencies across operations.” Presentation objectives were to:
    • Explain what IDMP is and what it means for the industry
    • Elaborate on the current state of IDMP in the industry
    • Provide a different perspective on Automation and structured product information
    • Expand on where and how to start your preparations

    IDMP is the Identification of Medicinal Products. IDMP compliance is a set of five ISO standards initially released in 2012:
    • ISO 11615 – Medicinal product information
    • ISO 11616 – Pharmaceutical product information
    • ISO 11238 – Information on substances
    • ISO 11239 – Information on pharmaceutical dose form, units of measure, routes of administration, and packaging
    • ISO 11240 – Units of measurement

    This webinar, led by Frits Stulp, Managing Director of IPERION Life Sciences covered topics and questions related to IDMP compliance standards. Stulp also covered calls-to-action within the industry, which range from “proactive ‘can-do’ to reactive ‘wait and see’ stances.” These stances are also intertwined with the use of paper solutions versus the use of digitized solutions.

    Stulp then went on to discuss the range of interest different age groups have in new healthcare products or services. He theorizes that in the future, healthcare will become “more like shopping” in that it will be personalized, digitalized, and expanded to include fitness and prevention. He then looked at the future of medicine, featuring various medical scenarios as they relate to IDMP compliance.

    This webinar was well-received and found to be valuable to attendees from across the Pharma industry. To learn more about IDMP compliance, check out the webinar in its entirety.



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