OpenText: How Magellan AI optimizes business processes

    OpenText released Cloud Editions 20.2, bringing updates to core technologies like Magellan. So what has changed in their artificial intelligence (AI) platform?

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    Cloud Editions 20.2 brought updates to many of the moving parts in the OpenText ecosystem, such as Appworks and Documentum. But OpenText’s machine learning and predictive analytics platform - Magellan - also got a revamp. Before we dive into the new features of OpenText AI & Analytics Cloud Editions (CE) 20.2, let’s cover the basics.

    What is Magellan?



    OpenText Magellan is an open source platform that uses artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to optimize business processes and improve decision making – all based on data your organization already has. It’s truly the future!

    Back in March, OpenText gave a sneak peak on how it works live, showing out-of-the-box Magellan as the star behind the OpenText Covid-19 outbreak dashboard, which analyzed real-time data from multiple sources, including WHO, CDC, ECDC and more.

    What changes?

    From the updates Cloud Editions 20.2 brought to Magellan, I’d highlight the following two:


    The magic of automated filling

    So no more manual filling of documents and folders, because these can be further automated   with the power of Business Intelligence (BI) and Machine learning (ML).


    The visibility of interactive dashboards

    In Appworks we can now have a dashboard (that’s iHub!). And not just a regular dashboard, as they are . And hey! That’s what we want! These dashboard ‘work’ with the data and don’t just show it, providing graphs with insights on with is happening in your EMC system and the BI and ML components bring this topic to a next level where it gets more interactive for the end-user.


    Data and content

    There’s also a handy new feature that helps you summarize data from different sources to support business decisions. You can now put semi-structured and unstructured content through the ‘brains’ of Magellan. The software can get and crawl content from repositories like Documentum, or even from just websites. The new capabilities powered by Magellan are all about text mining, data extraction and classification.

    As we get more and more content that we want to ‘understand’, we need ways to easily normalize data so that solutions and applications can work with it. This will help you create “meaning”, even from unstructured data!


    Magellan strategic roadmap

    All in all, the new Cloud Editions 20.2 brought to Magellan:

    • More integration with OpenText products and greater data insights
    • Focused solutionsto add interconnected information to your content
    • Artificial intelligence capabilities with open source technologies and the latest algorithms
    • Containerization with Kubernetes and easy manageable deployments


    Magellan has been improving and much more exciting updates are expected – check the roadmap for a preview of what’s to come:

    OpenText Magellan Roadmap

    OpenText Magellan Roadmap


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    About the author

    Antal Bos is Senior Technical Consultant at Amplexor, based in The Netherlands. With more than 15 years of experience working with Documentum and OpenText technologies, he focuses on guiding customers and ECM teams through ‘sustainable information management’. Antal is a Professional Scrum Developer/Master and holds several technical certifications by OpenText and Dell EMC.