Why we are looking forward to Microsoft Inspire 2019

    Curious about the upcoming Microsoft partner conference? Discover the topics we’re most looking forward to hear about at Inspire 2019.

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    Great times ahead for all Microsoft partners! Inspire, the annual partner event that will bring together almost 20.000 Microsoft enthusiasts is just around the corner. And as Microsoft Gold Partner, Amplexor will of course be present in Las Vegas.

    Find out why we are already thrilled with excitement and which sessions we are planning to follow. 

    Not to be missed: Satya’s Corenote


    There’s no denying that Microsoft has found tremendous momentum since Satya Nadella took over as CEO in 2014. A strong focus on all things cloud and a general openness of mind have since then repositioned Microsoft as one of the leaders in the technology space.

    The thing about leaders such as Satya is that they are not just focusing on growing the business, but they are really defining the company’s vision and strategy. That’s why it’s always truly inspiring to see and hear Satya explain what direction Microsoft is headed for the coming years.  

    With Microsoft technologies such as Office 365, SharePoint and Azure playing a big role in our own solution portfolio, we are looking forward to get this inspiration to shape our future strategy and ambitious projects.  Satya will be on stage Wednesday morning (17th July).  


    Teams, User Adoption and Security


    Given Amplexor’s track record implementing modern digital workplaces, you’ll most likely meet us in related Modern Workplace sessions. Topics such as collaboration technology and employee experience account for almost half of the sessions at Inspire, but a few things stand out:


    • A big focus on Teams

    This comes as no surprise since Microsoft Teams has been positioned as the core application gluing the different Office 365 functionalities together, from collaboration over messaging/calling to OneDrive and OneNote access.

    Inspire will be the place to be to learn about the Teams roadmap and its further evolution within the Office 365 platform.


    • User adoption and change management are clearly high on Microsoft’s agenda

    Different sessions tackle the user adoption issue whether trough presentations or hands-on workshops.

    From our own experience as digital workplace consultants, we indeed see that user adoption has become a more prominent concern among business leaders since too many Office 365 roll-outs were purely managed from a technical IT standpoint.

    In our own user adoption offering, we mix the principles form Prosci with deep Office 365 product expertise.

    • Finally, quite some sessions tackle security and compliance in the Modern Workplace. Which is logical, given the general focus on cybersecurity and more stringent regulation in the tech world.


    Azure Innovation


    Azure is the second important pillar in our Microsoft offering. It has rapidly evolved from a pure infrastructure layer to a modern platform where developers can enjoy themselves and be creative.

    We’re particularly looking forward to new developments in Azure AI. As customers are starting to take advantage of artificial intelligence technologies, we’re eager to find out how the Azure AI offering is evolving.

    Sessions under this topic will also explore customer success stories creating and integrating business applications using Microsoft Azure and Cognitive Services.

    Another area of interest is Mixed Reality, where we’d like to find out what HoloLens 2 can bring to our business and Augmented Reality projects.


    Dive into Microsoft Ecosystem


    Finally, Inspire is of course also about meeting other people and getting to know what is buzzing in the Microsoft Partner Solutions space.

    We’ll be meeting our intranet-in-a-box partner, , and will definitely have some chats with our ‘digital process’ buddies from K2 and Nintex.

    But Inspire is also the event where the complete Microsoft ecosystem is present, and therefore the ideal place to find that ‘hidden solution gem’ to add to our Microsoft offering.

    Tickets have been booked, passports renewed and sunglasses polished. We’re ready to be ‘inspired’. Are you?


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    About the author

    Tom Laureys is Solution Director ECM at Amplexor based in Belgium. For the past 10 years, Tom has been helping clients across industries find the right technology to effectively digitize their business processes and improve collaboration and productivity. His combination of strategic thinking and expertise in a range of platforms - from Alfresco and Documentum to SharePoint and Office 365 – grant him the capacity to capture new trends on the market and turn them into solutions for our customers.